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Chapter 601

  Poor Lille, Askin, Gerard and Pernida. T____________T I hope that seriously wounded Stern Ritters are not dead. D”“x F*ck that darn Nimaya. His death should be very painful. >< The color page this time was even worse than the one with nasty Kenpachi’s face before. I waited for SRs in color but as a result Kubo trolled his readers again and drew that shitty “color page” instead. ><

  Askin was so ASDSDFDGFSHDHGJKJHL *QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ* And that last frame with him was extremely sexy. *O* Though, his tongue is too long. Something is wrong with anatomy there. =/

  It’s time for Askin to finally beat out all the entrails and pathos out of that damn Zero Squad. TATAKAE! xO 

Chapter 600

  Arrghh! >< I knew that Kubo will use his cliched trick with reviving Shinigamis again, but still I am so enraged. DX That bitch Shutara should have died. But Kubo is too cowardly to really make that happen. Not fair. ><

  It was funny when Thor Quincy acted like:  "Ahh! You killed the enemy in a wrong place. Now there is a corpse on His Majesty’s path! xO ". xDDD I wonder if these new SRs were even going to roll out the red carpet in front of the Emperor. xD Maybe they are really so respectful towards him but that scene looked more like showing off with a lot of pathos. =/

  Those nasty Royal Guards trolled the Quincies so hard. Unforgiveable. D< I hope that they will be beaten by Vandenreich anyway. It would be good if Haschwald finally did something cool. It seems these new SRs are trying to outshine him. T-T

  Looks like Kubo stole the idea from Kishimoto again. Hikifune was using some tree Jutsu just like the chrarcters from “Naruto”. xD

  By the way, what if Shutara is really a man and it wasn’t the translators’ mistake? That would be funny and will cause a lot of rage of Shutara’s male fans. >: D 


Chapter 599

  This chapter was rather exciting and had an enormous amount of pathos in it. xD

  Poor Nianzol was badly hurt. T___T I hope he will be taken to a safe place through the Shadow and then have a heal.

  New Stern Ritters have finally appeared. Though, there were no bishies among them again. FUUUUUUUUUUUU! >.< But that Thor guy was still pretty funny. xDDD However, he also was rude to Askin. This can’t be forgiven. >:C That new SR with gun was pretty cool. The features of his outfit allow to judge about his orientation. ¬‿¬ Another fabulous Quincy-gay is good. Maybe he is a friend of Askin. x3

  As for SR “C”, I was so disappointed. >< Probably it’s some freaky and creepy woman. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I hoped so much that SR with letter after Haschwald’s will be a cute bishie too. It could help to ship many new yaoi couples with that SR. But damn Kubo spoiled everything once again. D”“”“”X<

  I was also not very pleased by meaning of Askin’s letter. The “Dimension” would be much cooler. =/ Anyway, Askin was sooo~ sexy, fabulous and gayish again. *QQQQQQQQQQQ* He almost outshone His Majesty. :0 I think Askin was just too modest to say about his true power. I am sure that he is stronger that M and X. >:3 By the way, when the Emperor said about the squad of SRs-bodyguards I was like —> Oh my! Askin will protect His Majesty. How sweet! Doki-doki~ A new couple was found~ ❤ xDDD

  But as for the true love of His Majesty, where the hell is Haschu-chan? DX Thinking that he was just abandoned behind makes me feel very depressed. D”“”X Kubo wants to ruin Juhasch so much. >< Actually, I felt jealousy because of that bodyguards squad. It should be Haschwald, who has to protect the Emperor and not those guys. >:”“C

  As for this special squad, I have a feeling that it was formed just a couple of minutes before the invasion to the Royal Realm. xD Askin was saying something about being chosen back then. He probably meant this squad. So, His Majesty decided to form it just to make his appearance in the Soul King’s palace even more pathosful. xDDD

  I checked the raw text from this chapter and found out that this special squad members were called Saint Cross Knights instead of usual Star Cross Knights. Maybe they are “Saint” due to that symbol on their capes. In any case, I am not sure that this raw wasn’t fake. After all it was just a script from the chapter and not the real scans. =/

  I also didn’t like that “elite” thing. I don’t like the idea of social inequality among Stern Ritters. It’s not fair towards SRs with lower level of power. :C

  By the way, what about Shaz Domino? There is only one Schrift left after all. :0 What if that damn Kubo completely forgot about Shaz and just drew extra Stern Ritter? (//_= ) Though, maybe there will be more SRs, who will have letters from the German alphabet. Still not losing hope of new pretty bishie. xDDD

  If Kubo really forgot about Shaz, then he may explain his mistake by making Shaz the person created by Gremmy’s imagination. I hope this won’t happen. Because Askin, Shaz and that new Lille guy could create a nice fabulousity club in Vandenreich. xDDD

  Shutara’s death by headshot was unexpected. :0 Though, I won’t be surprised if Kubo makes her live in the next chapter. =__= But before that happens I can enjoy some Goteifans’ butthurt. >: D

Chapter 597

  The beginning of the chapter was pretty sad. Poor grandpa Pepe. T___T I hate it so much when Kubo makes Stern Ritters fight each other. Dx And I am so tired of those dumb cliches almost in every chapter. ><

  The Royal Realm was finally shown again. Though, nothing extraordinary has happened there yet. Actually, I expected to see a mortally wounded Kirinji but instead of that Kubo just spared Shinigamis’ miserable lives once again. ><

  What a strange new Quincy. This guy looks like some Wonderwais from Chernobyl. ಠ__ಠ I hope that there will be at least one sexy bishie among remaining unknown Stern Ritters. Because all those freaks are not even funny anymore. DX

  Shutara with her squad of BDSM-ish ladies looked cool and somewhat sexy. xD Though, she dared to very rudely speak to His Majesty. This can’t be forgiven. >:C

  I wish this chapter had a Juhasch moment. *sigh* TwT

Achievement unlocked:

★ Cause Goteifan’s butthurt 


Chapter 594

This chapter pissed me off so much. >< Now I hate that Mary Sueish bitch Byakuya even more. He dared to hurt cute Quincy grandpa and two other Stern Ritters. Unforgivable. >< 

Also I am very irritated that Kubo made Quincies fight each other again. DX Because of that poor Liltotto was hurt. D”“x I like Pepe but Kubo shows him as a very bad person. I hope I won’t start to hate him soon. T-T

Anyway, Pepe is an old pervert. xD I hope he will charm Byakuya with his powers and then [censored] him. >: D


Oh my! Dr. Stylish and Jaegers will finally appear in the next episode. *O*

Am I the only one who is fangirling over Dr. Stylish? ◕﹃◕ He is so sexy and cute~ ❤ ❤ 


For important negotiations with Shinigamis. xDDD