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For important negotiations with Shinigamis. xDDD

Chapter 591

I knew that Kubo will spoil all color pages by drawing nasty ginger and Gotei there. >< I would be really surprised if he drew Quincies at least on one color page. =__=

Beautiful Charlotte was incredibly fabulous. And he was also right about Yumichika’s ugliness. Charlotte’s reaction to Giselle reminded me the phrase “fisherman sees fisherman from afar”. xD

Poor Bambi was hurt once again. D”“”“X It seems Kubo watched too much guro pictures at Pixiv.

That Toshiro in the end of the chapter was looking like a young nazi. Why the hell Giselle gave him a Quincy uniform? He is not worthy of it. >:C Though, Giselle could do something special to Toshiro before putting the new clothes on him. ¬‿¬

If I remember right, Mayuri doesn’t like Toshiro very much. So now he has a chance to take care of him and have some fun. >: D

Anyway, I still want to see His Majesty’s fight in the Royal Realm so much. T-T

Bleach Poll Results

Today I saw results of Bleach characters popularity poll. Now I am extremely angry. >< None of Vandenreich Quincies made it to the top 10. DX< Those fucking ginger, Rukia, Inoue and their friends got the best places as always. Curse them! >:C FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! >< And of course Ulquiorra and Grimmjow got in the top as well. That damn poll results were incredibly obvious but still I am very displeased now. D”“”“X< Though, I am a bit surprised that Gin and Urahara were able to get in the top too. I thought they are less popular. =/

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Chapter 590

Another awful chapter. Poor Bambi. D”“”“”“”“”“”“”“X That nasty bitch Giselle hurt her and treated her in such a horrible way. >< Giselle must be killed with fire along with Mayuri. >< Those Arrancars, who appeared in the end, are just Mayuri’s marionettes now. It’s so painful to see them like that. TOOOOOT I wonder how many zombies that bastard Mayuri has. It’s horrible that Arrancars will fight at their worst enemies side in this arc. D”“”“x Though, I don’t mind if Luppi will [censored] Giselle with his tentacles. >: D By the way, where did Mayuri get the upper half of Luppi? It was destroyed by Grimmjow as I remember. :0

WTF? Mayuri threw the Pokeballs at Quincies. o.o Looks like he was going to catch Trapomon. XDDD

Chapter 589

  Damn Kubo. Why every time when new chapter is out at Tuesday, it appears to be so lame? D”“”X< I hoped to see Emperor vs. Kirinji fight but instead of that there was a lot of dumb fanservice with that ginger bitch and her ugly boobs. >< Kubo wasted so much time on some boring talk. DX And Urahara and Yoruichi seems to be IchiHime shippers. I have a feeling that Kubo just trolls IchiRuki fans with every new chapter and then enjoys their rage. =___=

  Poor Bambi. T____T Those bastards Ikkaku and Yumichika hurt her so cruelly. >< And that evil Giselle killed her and now she can’t be forgiven. >:C But still I don’t want more Quincies to die because of that nasty Mayuri. Dx

  All in all, this chapter is worser than the previous ones. Where are my precious Juhasch moments? D”“”“X

Chapter 588

  OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY!!! What an awesome chapter! I just read the couple of pages and then my shipper feelings exploded at once. Haschwald said that he understands the Emperor’s feelings!


  I nearly choked when I read those words. *A* But His Majesty was too serious and deep in his thoughts to kiss his precious blondie right away. *okayface* Their talk was hinting at His Majesty’s connection with the Royal Family. :0 And of course at his connection with cute blondie too. *Q*

  The Royal Guards are such slowpokes. They didn’t even realize that their realm was invaded until that bridge was exploded. (//__=) Looks like they are very sure that they are safe in that realm.

  Why Haschu-chan summoned those mobs? It was obvious that such low-level soldiers have no chances against Royal Guards. =w=”” Poor Soldats were fried by that damn water. :”“c I hope His Majesty and Haschwald are safe. Maybe their high-level reiatsu protects them from that special water. Though, I don’t mind if blondie’s cape and trench coat will be burnt. I want more fanservice. ¬‿¬

  WUT? Giselle is a guy? O__o I think that pervert Yumichika just provoked or teased her. But all that scene was strange anyway. ಠ__ಠ”

  Poor Bambi appeared on the battlefield. I really hope that she isn’t dead. After all she wasn’t hurt that much. People in Bleach get more serious wounds and don’t die. But maybe Giselle was so evil that she had finished her off. D”“”“X In any case that scene with Giselle hugging Bambietta was rather cute. Giselle looked so scared and wanted Bambi to protect her. It was just a pretence but still cute. x333

Juha Bach & Haschwald: Now you take that damn tablet of yours and finally start drawing us, you damn slacker-cat.

NekoEspada: Yes, sir. *salutes with Quincy Cross*

Chapter 587

  Damn it! I waited for this chapter so much and as usual there was nothing special in it. DX< I hoped that color page will have Haschwald and His Majesty on it but instead of that there were that f*cking ginger bitch and Chad. That was really unexpected. That dumb bitch stole Quincies color page. Unforgivable! >< Her fat boobs became even bigger than before. What a cheap fanservice. That boobs look very unreal. Something is wrong with the anatomy or maybe it’s just a silicone. xP I hope her monstrous boobs will explode soon. xD And Chad has a pink outfit. O.o” I sense something gayish~ ¬‿¬

  Looks like Kubo decided to start a new holywar between shippers. That Inoue hugged ginger’s arm after all. :0 Most likely IchiRuki fans won’t forgive her for that. xD And Ichigo was acting like “I will bring you back, Sasuke!!11!1!” xD

  Renji dared to abuse Bazz-B in such a lame way. >:C There was a lot of dirty swearing in Mangastream translation, just as I expected. =/ And then there was a yaoi moment between Bazz-B and Renji. O.O That’s too much fanservice for one chapter. x.x Anyway, I think Bazz-B will win again because Renji and Rukia already showed their new powers before. It would be really boring to see the same things again. But after they lose that damn Byakuya may appear to spoil everything. D”“x

  At last in the end of the chapter the Emperor and Haschwald were shown. *o* They got only one frame. That’s not fair. D”“X His Majesty had such face like “I don’t give a fuck”. XD Could it be that all those columns collapsed because of his sexiness? XDDD

  I wonder if we will see new events in the Royal Realm soon. Or maybe Kubo will troll his readers once again. =___=